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Excellence in LDS K-12 Education

Educating the WHOLE Person: Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our Program -

Covers 31 Subjects

Is Based on Studying "...out of the best books."

Prepares Students for Success in Life.

Builds Christ-like Character.

Is Rigorous.

Teaches Cutting-Edge Learning Strategies.

Costs $99 per family per year + books & supplies.


(Produced Average Student Scores of 98th Percentile in Reading and 92nd Percentile in Mathematics.)



A Primer in Correct Educational Principles



We started Beehive Academy & Preparatory as an outgrowth of our own Homeschooling and the desires of one of our sons. It started as a high school and soon morphed into a full secondary and then a full-service school, K-12. The goal has always been a safe and friendly, uplifting environment offering a top-notch education.

The Online Curriculum came later, as we experienced exceptional success with our students and desired to share the curriculum with others. The curriculum is as much WHAT is learned as HOW it is learned, and what we do to help the students be prepared for learning - the strategies we have used over the years that allowed our kids to become exceptional learners - and exceptional individuals.

We are excited that you have found us. Join us in homeschooling - or private schooling. Either way, your child will benefit from what we have learned are the best curricula, the best pedagogical techniques, and the best learning strategies. Hence our school motto:
"Bee Your Best".



"Here they teach faith, not humanism. The religion courses are of exceptional quality." Parent

"I switched to Beehive because they use LDS authors and sources in their curriculum." Parent

"THANK YOU for CREATING the CURRICULUM. Everything else out there is Common Core." Parent

"My daughter loves their beginning math class and is hungry for more." Parent

"I like the way the Language Arts course begins. A good, fresh approach." Parent

"The information offered to parents is truly exceptional and worthwhile. There is much to learn." Parent

"When my boy started at Beehive, he was behind and struggling. Now he is ahead in his subjects and enjoys learning." Parent

"The learning strategies and techniques made all the difference to my children. THANK YOU." Parent

"My son achieved high scores on his college entrance test." Parent

"At this school, you have fun and learn a lot." Student

"At this school it doesn't matter if you are a bit slow or a 'nerd'. Everyone can work at his own pace." Student

"The people here really care about their students. They are willing to help you all they can." Student

"I've been at Beehive for four years. I don't want to go anyway else." Student

"I had a hard time getting my children to want to do school. Now, they can't wait to begin." Parent



While Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. does adhere to the precepts, teachings, and doctrines of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, head-quartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. is not affiliated with the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints and is solely responsible for the contents of this site.

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