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* A Private LDS School in St. George, Utah


* An Online Curriculum for Home Schoolers


* Quality Academics

* Proven Methods

* A Caring Atmosphere

* Exceptional Results

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    What really matters is character. Achievement follows character.


    To help develop Zion-worthy youth, stalwart in their faith, grounded in the practical, and educated in a manner that expands and refines the heart and the intellect.
      As expressed by President David O. McKay, Prophet, and renowned LDS educator:
      “True education awakens a desire to conserve health by keeping the body clean and undefiled.
      True education trains in self-denial and self-mastery. True education regulates the temper,
      subdues passion, and makes obedience to social laws and moral order a guiding principle of life.
      It develops reason and inculcates faith in the living God as the eternal, loving Father of all.”


    Putting God First, Rigorous Academics, and Daily Acts of Service.
      As President Eyring has said, "It is clear that putting spiritual learning first does not relieve us from learning secular things. On the contrary, it gives our secular learning purpose and motivates us to work harder at it."
      See "Education for Real Life," by President Henry B. Eyring, from a talk given on the 75th anniversary of the Institute of Religion program at a Church Educational System fireside in Moscow, Idaho, May 6, 2001.



"Here they teach faith, not humanism. The religion courses are of exceptional quality." Parent

"I switched to Beehive because they use LDS authors and sources in their curriculum." Parent


"My daughter loves their beginning math class and is hungry for more." Parent

"I like the way the Language Arts course begins. A good, fresh approach." Parent

"The information offered to parents is truly exceptional and worthwhile. There is much to learn." Parent

"When my boy started at Beehive, he was behind and struggling. Now he is ahead in his subjects and enjoys learning." Parent

"The learning strategies and techniques made all the difference to my children. THANK YOU." Parent

"My son achieved high scores on his college entrance test." Parent

"At Beehive, you have fun and learn a lot." Student

"At Beehive, it doesn't matter if you are a bit slow or a 'nerd'. Everyone can work at his own pace." Student

"The people here really care about their students. They are willing to help you all they can." Student

"I've been at Beehive for four years. I don't want to go anyway else." Student

"My granddaughter's time at Beehive made all the difference. She went from struggling to being an honor student, with advanced college credit and got a full ride scholarship to a university. We owe her transformation to Beehive." Grandmother

"If it hadn't been for the foundation I got at Beehive, I would not have been prepared to do the work required when we moved and I attended a school in another state." Former Student

When we asked a group of former students and parents if the school should re-open, the reply was unanimous: "Absolutely! Yes! They are many students who need it and who will blossom at Beehive."


15 Min. "Monumental" Clip - Why We Teach and Offer Homeschool

The Inseparable Connection Between Education, Righteousness, and Liberty

"Many Americans have lost sight of the truth that righteousness is the one indispensable ingredient to liberty."
(President Ezra Taft Benson, "The Constitution a Glorious Banner," April, 1976.)



While Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. does adhere to the precepts, teachings, and doctrines of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, head-quartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. is not affiliated with the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints and is solely responsible for the contents of this site.

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