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Emphasizing Spiritual and Academic Excellence

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    From the beginning, our goal has been to give to you - our homeschooling parents and students - the same education as was delivered in our day school; the education that earned our students test scores of the 98th percentile in reading and the 92nd percentile in mathematics and above average scores in all other subjects. BUT, we have been hindered by being able only to give you written instruction in the form of PDFs. All that has now changed.

    As we became capable of doing videos, we at first thought that we would just demonstrate a few things here and there. Then, in the middle of a discussion with our close supporters, we had an epiphany. If we really want to give you the same high performance education received by our on campus students, why not just record the classes? We couldn't get any more authentic than that. So, that is what we are doing. Lessons will still have a pdf component, but the main delivery method is video.

    This change to video presentations will streamline the program and make it much easier for parent and student to follow. It will also make it a lot easier for us to get more online a lot faster and finally complete the program's 10 Levels. Also, it will give parents and students a greater choice in the activities they pursue as they learn a subject.

    Old courses will stay-up through December 30th and be taken down on December 31st. New courses will begin to appear very gradually, a few in November and then more and more in more rapid succession.

    Oct.24 UPDATE: THE Grid System to hold all new courses and units has now been completed. The next stage: Completion of 3,313 Unit Cards. See NEWS page for details.


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  • Emphasizes forming a Christ-like character.
  • Educates the WHOLE Person: Mental, Physical & Spiritual.
  • Incorporates cutting edge learning skills & strategies.
    These helped students score an average of the 98th percentile
    in reading and an average of the 92nd percentile in math
    on the Iowa Basic Skills Test.
  • Is Rigorous, Patriotic, Fun & Spiritual.
  • Costs: $99.00 per household for one year access.
  • A Parent Orientation class starts you out right
    and helps you help your student be his best.

    Subjects: Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics,
    Social Sciences, Sciences, Fine Arts, Life Skills.

    Not all courses online.
    See Curriculum Page for Course Availability


  • Part One: WHY BEEHIVE?
  • Part Four: HOW DOES IT WORK?
  • Part One: WHY BEEHIVE?

      As LDS parents looking for a safe, academically solid, and religiously uplifting place to school their students, we found none and so created one: Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC., also know as Beehive Academy and Prep School, founded 1997. Because of the success* students achieved at Beehive, we now share our curriculum and methods online.


    1. *Spiritual Understanding and Development - Acquiring a vast knowledge of the scriptures, church history and doctrine, plus developing a firm, unshakeable testimony of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, putting Them and Their priorities FIRST, at the center of our lives. In short, keeping the commandments and learning to live a God-centered and God-directed life.
    2. *Academic Excellence - Developing a thorough understanding of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Sciences (History, Geography, Government and Economics), Sciences, selected Life Skills (Health & Fitness, Finances, Family Studies, etc.), and Fine Arts (Art, Music, Dance and Theater).

    Part Three - WHAT IS the CURRICULUM? - A Method of Individualized Education, specifically:

    1. A Lesson Bank of 1,000s of PDF and VIDEO lessons
    2. Seven subjects in 10 Levels, Preschool through Honors High School
    3. Contains cutting-edge research and LDS subject matter not normally presented by public or other private institutions
    4. Sparks the mind, heart, and motivation of students to develop:
      1. a Christlike character
      2. a solid foundation of spiritual knowledge and understanding
      3. a strong testimony
      4. their interests, talents, and abilities
      5. and to discover their missions in life.
    5. It is a guide to breakthrough learning techniques that make greater achievements possible.
    6. In summary: The Beehive Curriculum is a vehicle which helps the student reach his full potential.


    1. Study It Out
    3. Pray about whether or not this is the curriculum and/or school for your student or students.
    4. If it is right for you:
      1. For Online Curriculum - Sign-up through the portal on the curriculum page.

    FROM the DIRECTOR...

    The LIGHT at the END of the TUNNEL:

    After 5 1/2 years, we are coming to the final phases of putting our curriculum on line in a usable format: Online Video Lessons augmented by PDF materials for practice and review. We are excited about this change. Check the Online Curriculum page under NEWLY FORMATTED COURSES to see how we're coming.

    NOTE: There is definitely enough already online in PDF form, to make the purchase of the curriculum as it now stands very worthwhile. MOST of the components that made the curriculum so super are currently available on line.: the Learning Strategies; the Health Style, and the Religion Courses were and are the backbone, which made all the success in academia and other areas possible.

    If you follow what is here, you and your student or students cannot help but increase in Spiritual, Physical and Mental agility and capacity. You may well be amazed at the results. We have been, as we have seen the program operate in the lives of our students and others who did and do continue to increase in physical well-being, mental acuity, spirituality and testimony.

    FYI - Another great and worthwhile feature of Beehive Schools is our store, especially the Video section which we dubbed:"SUNRISE FAMILY VIDEO II", after the Non-R-rated, Family-Friendly video store we started in American Fork, Utah, in 1984. It offers you, as our store did, some of the VERY BEST in FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT, - decent, worthwhile films, many of which are great discussion starters for FHEs. ENJOY!


    "Here they teach faith, not humanism. The religion courses are of exceptional quality." Parent

    "I switched to Beehive because they use LDS authors and sources in their curriculum." Parent

    THANK YOU for CREATING the CURRICULUM. Everything else out there is Common Core." Parent

    "My daughter loves their beginning math class and is hungry for more." Parent

    "I like the way the Language Arts course begins. A good, fresh approach." Parent

    "The information offered to parents is truly exceptional and worthwhile. There is much to learn." Parent

    "When my boy started at Beehive, he was behind and struggling. Now he is ahead in his subjects and enjoys learning." Parent

    "The learning strategies and techniques made all the difference to my children. THANK YOU." Parent

    "My son achieved high scores on his college entrance test." Parent

    "At this school, you have fun and learn a lot." Student

    "At this school it doesn't matter if you are a bit slow or a 'nerd'. Everyone can work at his own pace." Student

    "The people here really care about their students. They are willing to help you all they can." Student

    "I've been at Beehive for four years. I don't want to go anyway else." Student

    "I had a hard time getting my children to want to do school. Now, they can't wait to begin." Parent


    Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. is solely responsible for the content of this site. is in no way connected with the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints.

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